Success Funds

Funds allowing for the advancement of education in specific areas of the curriculum can be established through the District 214 Education Foundation. These funds can be endowed and create significant opportunities for greater success for our students across the District. Contact Erin Brooks, or (847) 718-7688 for more information. 

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Lisa DelMuro Nanotechnology Legacy Fund

This fund supports continued innovation and learning in the field of nanotechnology at Wheeling High School. The fund is named in honor of the late Lisa DelMuro, the innovative and beloved teacher who helped create Wheeling's nanotechnology lab -- the first of its kind in a public high school -- and developed corresponding curriculum to ensure student success. Lisa's legacy lives on in her students and in the laboratory, and in every success of every graduate who goes on to pursue a related career. This fund supports equipment purchases and repairs and other needs that contribute to the overall success of the nanotechnology program and curriculum.


The Cardinal Fund

Through The Cardinal Fund, the District 214 Education Foundation will cover costs critical to student futures: Advanced Placement tests that can position students for greater success and reduce the price of a postsecondary education; career credentials in areas like healthcare, manufacturing and IT that ensure students are poised for success.