Join the Movement!

In the last year, the District 214 Education Foundation has empowered hundreds of thousands of dollars in early college credit though the funding of Advanced Placement exams, brought more than 150 first-generation students and parents to college campuses, provided breakfasts for in-need students, launched scholarships and success funds that bolster student success in high school and beyond, provided more than $30,000 to our educators for innovative learning opportunities, and funded adult and family literacy programming that literally transforms generations in our community‚Ķ generations who will become District 214 students and District 214 parents. 

You helped make this happen.  

In 2017, you -- our District 214 staff -- contributed an incredible $35,000 to the Foundation through our second annual Employee Giving Campaign. 

 This year, we challenge you to join the movement, and become One of 214. We offer this promise: Schools that have 30 percent or more of their staff giving to the Campaign will get 25 percent of the contributions given back to their school, to be used specifically for needs identified as priorities by you -- our educators -- in partnership with the Foundation.   

The campaign starts TODAY, October 12, and ends Friday, October 26.

 We have prizes and incentives for all, including special opportunities for those who increase their contribution over last year or those who give for the first time. This year, we're also offering a special prize: Those who give the equivalent of $10 per paycheck will be entered in a raffle for four lower-level Bulls tickets and a parking pass to see the Bulls take on the Golden State Warriors on Monday, October 29. 


There are several ways to give, and all options are accessible via this link or by using the paper form that will be distributed in staff mailboxes. If you need an additional form, contact

 Payroll Deduction: Elect a one-time or recurring payroll deduction. All deductions will begin with the first paycheck in January 2019. If you elected payroll deductions in the last employee campaign, you must sign up again. They do not automatically renew.

Credit Card Contribution: Credit cards can be used for one-time or recurring contributions.  

Check: Checks made payable to the District 214 Education Foundation can be grey mailed to Dawn Curran in the Foundation Office at FVEC. 

What you do is important. The Foundation is here to bolster your efforts, supporting innovation, student success and lifelong learning beyond the limitations of conventional public funding. 

Please contact your building's Giving Liaison to learn more:  

Buffalo Grove: Elizabeth Bennett, ext. 4047                                             

Elk Grove: Steve Lesniak, ext. 4605

FVEC: Brian Lichtenberger, ext. 7651

Hersey: Jenna Korakakis, ext. 4805    

Prospect: Jen Troiano, ext. 5370           

Rolling Meadows: Kevin Carroll, ext. 5754              

Specialized Schools: Dawn Gregornik-Garcia, ext. 7866

Wheeling: Michael O'Keeffe, ext. 7061